Our heart's desire is to see the body of Christ working together, standing together, and functioning together as one.  We desire to meet you where your at to help bring healing, encouragement, and empowerment through the things of God by His Holy Spirit.   We know that if we are healthy and healed we can do amazing things.   We desire to help launch you into your God given destiny as well as provide a safe place for you to receive healing and encouragement.   We also want to help you discover, step into, and grow in the gifting's God has place inside of you.  Jesus made it clear that we are to share the gospel and make disciples.    


Our main gatherings are on Saturday nights and Sunday Mornings. It is a very spontaneous time of worship where people can share a word, scripture or prayer.  We desire to see the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to move.  We also desire to bring other gifted worshipers and guest speakers who are like minded to experience the treasures the body has to offer under Jesus direction.

Saturday Night @ 6pm 

Sunday Morning @ 10am


3906 Cleveland Ave.

P.O. Box 1003

Wellington, Colorado 80549

Joshua & Jennifer Griffin

Co - Pastors / Prophetic Worship / Women's & Men's Ministry

Robert & Lennie.jpg
Robert & Lennie Miller

Pastors - Stop the Bleeding & 

Foundations For Winning

Donny & Suzanne Nelson

Board of Directors

Women's Ministry

Make Some Noise Ministry

Charlene Baktamarian

Board of Directors

Spirit of the Lord Ministries

God's View