one King & one kingdom

Jesus made it clear that we are to share the gospel and make disciples. We are not here to promote ourselves

or our own kingdom. Our goal is to equip the saints. What does that look like?

1.Healing & encouragement: If we have been wounded we must get healing before moving forward.

2.Discovering your gifts: What has your Heavenly Father called and gifted you to do?

3.Stepping into opportunity: We all need the opportunity to use our gifts without being intimidated.

4.Growing in your gifting: It takes time to learn and it's OK to make some mistakes while learning

working as a team Board of Directors
Joshua Griffin

Co - Pastor / Prophetic Worship

Jennifer Griffin

Co-Pastor / Women's Ministry / Worship

Robert & Lennie Miller

Pastors - Stop the Bleeding &

Foundations For Winning

Donny & Suzanne Nelson

Board of Directors 

Women's Ministry

Make Some Noise Ministry

Charlene Baktamarian

Board of Directors 

Spirit of the Lord Ministries

God's View

the Wellington
filling station
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