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One very important factor of God's Kingdom is we all have a part to play. Everyone has a ministry of some kind. God gave power to every believer as well as specific gifts. Learning to walk in your gifts will open the doors to where your ministry can take you. Jesus called us all and we are excited about what He has placed in you.

Prayer Ministry

Every Tuesday Morning at 9am we meet for prophetic worship and prayer.  A time of soaking in God's presence prepares the way for a powerful prayer time.  

Scripture On Praying Christian Worship B
But Jesus called them to Himself, saying
Children's Ministry

Our heart is to see the children have that personal relationship with their Savior.  Teaching them to hear the voice of God  and how to pray for others. Growing up knowing who they are in Christ so they can walk in victory in their everyday lives. 

On Saturday & Sunday we hold class for 4 years - 6th grade beginning after our worship time.  We also have our nursery team available. 

Fueled Youth

Our heart is to see the youth of Wellington connect together as they walk through what it looks like to have an active relationship with Jesus as well as learning how to live theirs lives so that they can set an example for ALL believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12).  If you would like to know more or be involved, get in touch with us. 

The Tabernacle of David

Most of us are familiar with the Psalms (songs) of David. We all have our favorites that we quote. The Tabernacle of David represented the new covenant intimacy we now have through Jesus. In Amos 9:11 God spoke of raising up the Tabernacle of David in our generations. Do you desire that intimate relationship? It comes through spending time in His presence. We desire to raise up prophetic and passionate worshipers. We will teach you and prepare you in the arts of singing, song writing, musicianship, dance, and recording, but most importantly, understanding the heart of worship. Our North Gate tabernacle is here to help and equip you in all these areas. We want to fill the earth with His praises. If you desire to dive deeper then get in touch with us.

Iron Sharpens Iron
Men's Ministry

This is a safe environment for men to thrive and realize they are not facing things alone.  Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday night the men meet at 6pm.  Dinner and fellowship. Followed by a night of growing together as men. 

Lavishly Loved Women

Our heart is to have a safe environment for women to not just grow but to flourish, to be able to discover the gifts within them and to be able to be activated by using them.  God wants to heal the past so we can be all He has called us to be. This is a safe place for that healing and freedom to come forth.  We meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month with the exception of December.  6pm

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