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We know the gospel is worldwide and each of us are called to do our part. If you believe in what we are doing here

at Colorado's Northern Gateway there are many ways you can help. You can help sponsor an event or a project or

you can support us monthly. We also have a Wellington Advertising Sponsorship Program (W.A.S.P.) This program is designed to help small businesses advertise even if they are working out of their homes and don't have a store front.


The programs operated by the Wellington Filling Station are continually changing.  Just as our community and it's needs are changing.  We believe the more we help the community the greater the community can help each other and the Wellington Filling Station.  As, Wellington continues to grow it is important to support local businesses and encourage the growth of our town in a way that is going to benefit or new families, our local families, and the economy we need to support them.  W.A.S.P is designed to create partnerships with our local businesses and non-profits, promote your business in Wellington and raise awareness of local resources. 

~You can also support Joshua Griffin Ministries through Smile Amazon ~



There are many different ways to give. You can give online, in person, or by mail. 

The Wellington Filling Station

P.O. BOX 1003 Wellington, CO 80549

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