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What's Your Filter?

Living life and going through things--our filter of life can get clogged very easily.

Our heart starts filtering through trauma and pain. The unhealed areas of our lives take a situation and twists it (not intentionally but without knowing). The hurts, offenses, unforgiveness, abuses of the past effect how we see things now and how we respond to others. Just like a camera with different lenses and filters can totally change the look of a photo, so can our heart that carries unhealed, wounded areas. God wants to cleanse our filter--to heal our hearts. He wants us to see the truth through His filter. A filter of love. Through His perspective. If there are things that quickly trigger us, there are more than likely areas in our heart that are still bleeding.

Titus 1:15 says to the pure all things are pure.

If something offends us quickly, it is more likely an area we need healing in.

We must ask God to examine our hearts. No one is exempt from this...we all have had filters that have not been good in our lives. But I want freedom!! I want to see as God sees...from a pure heart. We can have that! Surrender those areas to God--Ask Him to come into those areas and bring truth. It is painful sometimes at first to really see the truth but when the healing and clarity comes--it is so worth it!! When things that used to trigger me--no longer have power over me--wow, that is exciting! This is TRUE FREEDOM! Allow Him to bring healing to those areas and in turn--His true filter of His love!

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